Team 3 : Therapeutic strategies for HIV infection and associated viral diseases

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  • Christine KATLAMA @ : christine.katlama at

About the team

Our research team, entitled TheraVir for “Therapeutic strategies for HIV infection and associated viral diseases” is an alliance from basic to clinical and population-based research towards medical progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It provides a unique opportunity to mix basic scientists, clinicians involved in infectious disease research, epidemiologists and statisticians.

Our research is characterized by both fundamental and applied approaches. We are developing projects with immediate implications on the management of patients and decision-making processes in health institutions but also more fundamental projects devoted to better characterize the genetics, physiology and ecology of HIV and its associated viral diseases.

Our scientific program is based on translational research: from bench to bedside to population. The interplay between these different approaches is a key point of our team. It is quite unique to develop in the same team researches that go from new drugs development, to the clinical efficacy evaluation and the implementation in population, with also an orientation and strong involvement towards low-income countries. We search to optimize the current preventive and therapeutic strategies to fight this pathogen and we develop new approaches on both aspects. The effectiveness but also cost and cost-effectiveness of these interventions will be evaluated to propose decision-making strategies. All these researches are largely based on cohorts and clinical trials coordinated through the Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA et les hépatites virales (ANRS) monitoring and statistical data analysis center of the team.

Despite the universally recommended antiretroviral treatment, HIV infection remains a major challenge in France with a stable number of new infections, the need for long life therapy and its burden of complications with increased risk in comorbidities for aging patients (i.e cancers) and in antiviral resistance. Based on these aspects different areas have been identified: 1) Antiretroviral therapeutic strategies; 2) Pathophysiology of HIV persistence; 2) HIV associated cancers; 3) Public Health (HIV epidemic control and resistance surveillance).

Members of the team

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Besma ABDI basma.abdi at Etudiant-e / Doctorant-e
Rachid AGHER rachid.agher at Ass Priv / Statisticien-ne
Josiane AKO josiane.ako at Ingénieur d'Etude / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Michèle ALGARTE-GENIN michele.genin at Ingénieur de Recherche / Chef de projet
Rebiha AMGHAR rebiha.amghar at Ingénieur d'Etude / Attaché-e de Recherche
Lambert ASSOUMOU lambert.assoumou at Ingénieur de Recherche / Directeur du CMG
Jonathan BELLET jonathan.bellet at Statisticien-ne
Lydie BENIGUEL lydie.beniguel at Chef de projet
Dalila BENIKEN dalila.beniken at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Apolline BIANCO apolline.bianco at Etudiant-e / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Paul BISCARRAT paul.biscarrat at Attaché-e de Recherche
Christine BLANC christine.blanc at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Joséphine BRICE josephine.brice at Doctorant-e
Ruxandra CALIN ruxandra.calin at Ass Priv / Médecin
Vincent CALVEZ vincent.calvez at PU-PH
Mouna CHEBBI mouna.chebbi at Praticien attaché / Médecin
Aziza CHERMAK aziza.chermak at Praticien attaché
Dominique COSTAGLIOLA dominique.costagliola at Directeur de Recherche / Directeur de recherche
Nathalie DESIRE nathalie.desire at Ingénieur d'Etude
Yasmine DUDOIT yasmine.dudoit at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Aurore DURAND aurore.durand at Etudiant-e / Data manager
Djeneba FOFANA Post-Doctorant-e
Adélie GOTHLAND adelie.gothland at Ingénieur d'Etude / Doctorant-e
Lyna GOUICHICHE lyna.gouichiche at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Maxime GRUDE maxime.grude at Ingénieur d'Etude
Faiza HAMMOU faiza.hammou at Ingénieur d'Etude / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Christine KATLAMA christine.katlama at PU-PH
Nadine KTORZA nadine.ktorza at MEC
Jérémy LAFABLE jeremy.lafable at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Sidonie LAMBERT sidonie.lambert at Post-Doctorant-e
Rémi LANCAR remi.lancar at Ingénieur d'Etude / Statisticien-ne
Valentin LEDUCQ valentin.leducq at Assistant Ingénieur
Ludovic LENCLUME ludovic.lenclume at ARC / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Isabelle MALET isabelle.malet at Ingénieur de Recherche
Anne-Geneviève MARCELIN anne-genevieve.marcelin at MCU-PH / Responsable d'équipe
Valérie MARTINEZ valerie.martinez at MCU-PH
Laurence MORAND-JOUBERT laurence.morand-joubert at MCU-PH
Mehdi MOULINE mehdi.mouline at Ingénieur d'Etude / Biostatiticien-ne
MOVE MOZA KAMBI move.mozakambi at TCN / Administratif
Hilma NAVASSARTIAN hilma.navassartian at Ingénieur d'Etude / Biothèque et qualité des études
Edith NDIESSEU edith-cynthia.ndiesseu at Ingénieur d'Etude / Data manager
Thi Thu Thuy NGUYEN Ingénieur de Recherche / Doctorant-e
Lydia POUGA Post-Doctorant-e
Serge RODRIGUES serge.rodrigues at Assistant Ingénieur / Responsable qualité des données
Sophie SAYON sophie.sayon at TR
Luminita SCHNEIDER luminita.schneider at Praticien attaché
Sophie SEANG sophie.seang at Praticien attaché
Cathia SOULIE cathia.soulie at Ingénieur de Recherche
Jean-Philippe SPANO jean-philippe.spano at PU-PH / Médecin
Thomas STALHBERGER thomas.stalhberger at
Lola TEISSEIRE lola.teisseire at Etudiant-e / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Joséphine-Anna TINE josephine-anna.tine at Ingénieur d'Etude / Attaché-e de Recherche Clinique
Eve TODESCO eve.todesco at Praticien Hospitalier
Roland TUBIANA roland.tubiana at Praticien Hospitalier
Marc-Antoine VALANTIN marc-antoine.valantin at Praticien Hospitalier
Johana WASSERMAN johanna.wassermann at Etudiant-e / Doctorant-e
Marc WIRDEN marc.wirden at Praticien Hospitalier