Team 6 : Pharmacoepidemiology and healthcare assessment

Responsable(s) :
  • Florence TUBACH @ : florence.tubach at

About the team

Our scientific topics are pharmacoepidemiology (assessment of drugs and medical devices in real life setting) and healthcare assessment. More precisely, our research concerns high risk populations with specific characteristics (e.g. elderly or ICU patients), benefit risk assessment of biologics in any indication, healthcare assessment with a particular focus on the underlying processes of patient management (e.g. admission, hospital stay strictly speaking, or discharge elements) and its consequences on drug benefit/risk.

Our research is based on the use of field data and healthcare administrative databases or warehouses of in-hospital clinical data, the use or development of several methods, often combined, including patient reported outcomes and e-cohorts for taking the patient perspective into account, various designs for comparative ER and pharmacoepidemiology, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, pragmatic trials, cohorts, case-only designs) and associated statistical modeling / analyses (e.g., causal inference in observational data, modeling of drug exposure, medico-economic evaluation, meta-epidemiological studies).

A large part of our research was endorsed or funded by French health institutions (HAS, OMEDIT, CNAMT, ARS, ANSM, Ministry of Health) attesting the interest of public decision-makers for our research and our capacity to translate research into practice and policy.

This multidisciplinary team will involve epidemiologists, biostatisticians, pharmacists and clinicians (gastroenterologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists, intensivists).

Members of the team

Nom Contact Statut / Fonction
Laurent BEAUGERIE laurent.beaugerie at PU-PH
Elsa BOURCIER elsa.bourcier at Doctorant-e
Simon BOURCIER simon.bourcier at Doctorant-e
Sandrine BRICE sandrine.brice at Ingénieur de Recherche / Biostatiticien-ne
Agnes DECHARTRES agnes.dechartres at MCU-PH
Bruno FAUTREL bruno.fautrel at PU-PH
Christine FERNANDEZ christine.fernandez at PU-PH
Laure GOSSEC laure.gossec at MCU-PH
Benjamin GRANGER benjamin.granger at Praticien Hospitalier
Bertrand GUIDET bertrand.guidet at PU-PH
Gilles HEJBLUM gilles.hejblum at Chargé de Recherche
Patrick HINDLET patrick.hindlet at MCU-PH
Julien KIRCHGESNER julien.kirchgesner at Post-Doctorant-e
Yen-Lân NGUYEN yenlanc.nguyen at Praticien attaché
Benjamin POPOFF benjamin.popoff at Etudiant-e / Stagiaire de Master
Camille SCHWAB camille.schwab at Etudiant-e / Doctorant-e
Violaine SMAIL-FAUGERON violaine.smail-faugeron at MCU-PH / Post-Doctorant-e
Sophie TEZENAS DU MONTCEL sophie.tezenas-du-montcel at MCU-PH
Florence TUBACH florence.tubach at PU-PH / Responsable d'équipe