Team 8 : Neighborhood Environments and Mobility: Effects on Social health InequalitieS (NEMESIS)

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About the team

The Nemesis team, an acronym for Neighborhood Environments and Mobility: Effects on Social health InequalitieS, aims to investigate the relationships between the multiple life environments, mobility, and health. Nemesis was the deity of equity and justice, which is coherent with the origins and main research domain of the team, i.e., social epidemiology. This group has emerged from the ERES team, which was the first in France, through the PhD of Basile Chaix, to explore neighborhood effects on health. Created in 2015 following the award of an ERC Consolidator grant, the Nemesis team investigates how the multiple life environments of people and the mobility behaviors that link them influence health-related behavior and health. Following its previous work, the team continues to focus on the behavioral, clinical, and biological risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, but broadens its interests to other health aspects (particularly respiratory health and stress).

The team explores a large spectrum of contextual factors, including the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of populations, the built environment, environmental nuisances, the service environment, and the social-interactional environment. Moreover, the team investigates spatial mobility for two main purposes. First, mobility is a vector of exposure to the different environments. To move beyond a literature focused on residential environments, it is critical to measure mobility, in order to assess the multiple environments visited throughout the daily schedules. Second, our work will consider mobility behaviors as a potential source of physical activity but also exposure to noise and to different air pollutants. In addition to neighborhood effects on health as a longstanding research domain of the team, our aim is to investigate in a comprehensive way the relationships between transport and health by investigating the determinants of transport behavior, the effects of the various transport modes on exposures and health, and the health impacts of interventions related to transport. As a prerequisite to this work, the team uses and develops methodologies for the measurement of spatial mobility and environmental exposures.

The RECORD Study and the ERC MobiliSense project rely on wearable sensors of location, behaviors, exposures, and health, as well as on electronic surveys of regular or daily mobility. The work of the team involves the following skills: approaches for the processing of big data; statistical techniques to investigate the relationships between the environments, mobility, and health (multilevel and spatial regression, case-crossover design, random forests, etc.); and simulation tools to quantify the impact that different scenarios of intervention on life environments and transport systems may have on health.

Members of the team

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Tarik BENMARHNIA tarik.benmarhnia at Professeur des Universités / Chercheur associé
Justine BILLIAUX justine.billiaux at Assistant Ingénieur
Ruben BRONDEEL ruben.brondeel at Etudiant-e / Doctorant-e
Julie BURBAN julieburban at Praticien attaché / Doctorant-e
Laurence BUSCA laurence.busca at TCH
Basile CHAIX basile.chaix at Directeur de Recherche / Chercheur
Laura CLEARY laura.cleary at Etudiant-e / Stagiaire de Master
Clélie DUREAU clelie.dureau at Assistant Ingénieur
Tarik EL AARBAOUI tarik.el-aarbaoui at Etudiant-e / Doctorant-e
Sonsoles FUENTES sonsoles.fuentes at Etudiant-e / Stagiaire de Master
Santosh GIRI santosh.giri at Etudiant-e / Stagiaire de Master
Marie C. GRUPPOSO marie-catherine.grupposo at Ingénieur d'Etude
Nina KREUZBERGER nina.kreuzberger at Etudiant-e
Rémi LAFFITTE remi.laffitte at Assistant Ingénieur
Jancell M'BOUYOU jancell.mbouyou at Assistant Ingénieur
Julie MELINE julie.meline at CH contractuel / Post-Doctorant-e
Audrey PELLETIER audrey.pelletier at Ingénieur d'Etude
Samjhana SHRESTHA samjhana.shrestha at Etudiant-e
Valérie THERIAU theriau at Assistant Ingénieur
Anne VERNEZ-MOUDON moudon at Professeur des Universités / Chercheur associé

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Etude RECORD (Residential Environment and CORonary heart Disease)